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Exciting Breakthrough in Haiti!

TNM starts production of earthquake bricks

This week Thirst No More began operating the Auram Press 3000 that we shipped in from India.  The hydraulic press produces interlocking bricks from dirt and earthquake rubble.

TNM’s first building will be a church that will not only serve as a place of worship for the community, but also as a gathering point for many relief projects.  Furthermore, the church’s former building will be converted into a trade school to train orphans and people from the community with new skills for job placement.

TNM bricks are stronger and more cost-effective than concrete blocks

The Auram Press 3000 creates “compressed stabilized earth blocks” (CSEB).  These blocks are up to 40% stronger than the traditional concrete block in Haiti.  Additionally, the blocks are interlocking and can be used with rebar like traditional blocks.

This technology has been utilized successfully  and extensively in Pakistan, Iran, and India following destructive earthquakes.

TNM brick press benefits Haitian communities

There is no fire used in the production of TNM’s bricks.  This contributes to the amazing reduction of pollution that CSEB technology offers.  800% less pollution is good for any community!  Additionally, TNM is creating jobs for local unemployed men at each of its work sites.  And, of course, the end result is quality, earthquake resistant homes for Haitian families.

Contribute to construction and strengthening communities

Thirst No More needs to buy 50 truck loads of dirt at approximately $100 each.  $5,000 will allow us to drastically reduce the cost per brick from $.62 to approximately $.40 each.

We are asking you to do two things today:
1) Buy a load of dirt.
2) Go to Thirst No More’s facebook page and re-post this article to your home page.  Encourage your friends to join you in buying a truck load of dirt!

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